Virtual Porch

The Virtual Porch was a project built in 10 days. The site is built around the Live Webinar and Vimeo platforms, and turns the disposable meeting platform into a live and recorded event platform similar to YouTube or Twitch. The Porch platform scrapes the LiveWebinar API for upcoming events and imports it into the local CMS. Staff then put the finishing touches on the event entry and put it live for guests to see. Guests can browse events and add them to their watch list if they're recorded, or pre-register for an event if they so choose. For live events, guest information pulled from the SSO is passed into Live Webinar when the guest joins to make the guest experience seamless. After a live event finishes, it's recording is automatically uploaded to Vimeo via a webhook and then the event is added to the "Recorded Events" section.

The CHQ Assembly project was one of the most ambitious undertakings I've been a part of, and the Porch component is the piece that I feel the most proud of. It's hyperaccelerated timeline and unusual requirements made for a difficult challenge. The initial build of that site was held together with caffeine and a heck of a lot of luck.